Success Story: Debbie & Kolton

Our May Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) highlights the progress of Read Together pair Debbie and Kolton.

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Tutor Debbie was matched with Kolton a year ago as he was finishing seventh grade. Just entering his teen years, Kolton came across as a very self-possessed, engaging person whose school experience was increasingly hampered by the growing gap between his basic writing and literacy skills and his intellectual interests and personal goals. Somewhat skeptical, but with support from his mother and grandfather, and with reassurance from Debbie that sessions would not just be “more school”, Kolton began tutoring. Progress and change were not immediate but with time and plenty of perseverance and flexibility, the tutoring sessions began to make a difference.

A month ago, Debbie received the following in a note from Kolton’s mother: "Thank you so much for what you are doing with Kolton. It is making a very noticeable difference in his schoolwork this year. It is pretty awesome for a 14-year-old to be excited to go to tutoring, especially my 14-year-old who has struggled so much with reading and writing. It has been so hard to watch him struggle and not know how to help him. But this year he has come over a huge hurdle in his schoolwork and is being successful in school, really for the first time, and I am so proud of him and all his hard work. Thank you for volunteering for this program. I will be forever grateful to you for helping him get over the huge hurdle that was holding him back."

Debbie also has come away from the year gratified to know she has made a difference. “I feel fortunate to have become a tutor/friend to Kolton,” she recently shared. “Kolton knew where he needed to have help and support. Giving him ownership in what we worked on made this a positive experience.”

We thank Debbie for the role she has played helping Kolton strengthen his fundamental literacy skills, and we congratulate Kolton on the progress he has made and wish him the best as he enters high school. Keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!