Success Story: Judy & Joyce

For the October installment of our tutoring success stories series (which are also featured in Midcoast Literacy's e-mail newsletter) we're sharing the story of Read Together pair Judy & Joyce.

Joyce Success for website

This month's tutoring story highlights a Read Together tutoring pair who have stayed connected through the many different phases of learning we’ve seen in 2020! Tutor Judy Segal began working with first grader Joyce in January of this year. At first they met after school, getting to know each other and happily diving into beginning reading, writing, and speaking English. Then COVID-19 hit. In-person tutoring had to stop and for Joyce, who is a new Mainer learning English for the first time, online Zoom sessions were not nearly as fun or easy to attend. But Judy persevered until warm weather came, and Joyce blossomed during their outdoor sessions together this summer. She mastered “Pete the Cat.” Then she began to dictate her own stories which she took home to proudly read to her mother. “She’s reading for meaning now,” says Judy. “And her stories would go on forever if I let her keep talking!”

Now that colder weather is returning, Judy and Joyce still meet outdoors when they can, but are also now able to meet at the Landing Y in Brunswick. With Judy’s support, Joyce is well poised for a successful year in second grade. 
Congratulations to Joyce and Judy, whose perseverance has paid off during this complicated year for tutors and learners alike. And keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year.