Success Story: Betsy & Pargha

For our final success story of 2020, we’re focusing on an English Language Learner pair who have made big strides this year: Betsy and Pargha.

Pargha pic for web02

When she moved to Bath from Portland last year, Pargha, an immigrant learning English as her third language, quickly found Midcoast Literacy. She wanted to continue learning English after beginning to take classes in Portland, and was paired with tutor Betsy Williams in October, 2019. As a mother of three young children who also works a full-time job as a CNA, one of Pargha’s biggest challenges was to make time in her schedule to continue her English lessons. “I am truly inspired by her dedication to our weekly lessons,” says Betsy. “She has so much to do, but she’s always ready to work with me.” Working with Betsy—in-person or at times by remote-learning this year—Pargha has focused on improving her everyday communication skills and writing.

“When I moved to Bath I wanted to continue to improve my English because I need good English to speak with the patients in my work,” says Pargha. “My goal is to get my high school diploma here and go to college. Betsy is a good help to me.” As an ELL learner with Midcoast Literacy, her commitment to weekly sessions has Pargha on her way to that goal, despite the challenge of fitting tutoring around her job. “Her confidence as an English speaker has grown tremendously in the past year,” says Betsy. "I look forward to our continued relationship." Congratulations to Pargha and Betsy on their dedication to learning and working towards Pargha's goals, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors in the New Year!