Success Story: Ed & Tharon

Our first tutoring Success Story of 2021 highlights a new Read Together pair who began making strides in learning from the word go: Ed & Tharon.

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Success stories aren't always about tutor-learner pairs reaching long-term goals or adapting to new circumstances: just as important can be getting off to a successful start when a new tutor and learner are matched up. That's the case with this month's pair, who are already seeing progress though they’ve only been working together a couple of months. Tutor Ed McCartan and Tharon were matched-up at the beginning of November. Two artists with creative imaginations, they are off to a terrific start already. “It’s very satisfying, as her tutor, to watch Tharon grow in her reading ability,” says Ed. “She’s fun to work with and it’s never dull.”

Trying to work together while wearing masks and separated by a plastic sneeze guard is never easy, but Ed is finding ways to keep Tharon engaged. “Her love of animals really opens her up to reading books about them,” says Ed. Right now, they are reading The Little Red Hen and focusing on multi-syllabic words. Next, Tharon hopes to read about geckos with Ed so she can learn more about her new pet, a crested gecko named Pebbles.Congratulations to Ed and Tharon on the fantastic and creative start that their commitment has made possible, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!