Success Story: Linda & Yalnerol

For the March installment of our tutoring success stories (also featured in Midcoast Literacy's e-mail newsletter) we’re highlighting the Read Together pair of Yalnerol and his tutor Linda.

Linda and Yalnerol for newsletter

This month’s success story focuses on the outstanding gains tutors and learners can achieve when they work together over the long term. Linda Harroff and learner Yalnerol have worked together for three years. When Yalnerol’s mother first contacted us about tutoring her son, he was very skeptical. He was in fifth grade, having moved from Puerto Rico to Brunswick while in second grade, and shrugged off the idea that he could become a good reader. What a difference three years and dedication on the part of both tutor and student have made! “Yalnerol’s reading has improved greatly in the last few years,” reported Linda. “He is now reading close to grade level and doesn’t hesitate to start a new book.”

In fact, Yalnerol has gained about five years in reading ability in only three years. He is currently reading Bad Boy, a memoir by Walter Dean Myers. When asked to reflect on his tutoring experience, Yalnerol wrote: “Tutoring got my reading level up. This has been great for me. My reading level has gone up a lot since I moved here six years ago. I did not like to read. Now I have read many books. I like to read fiction. I like the time I spend with Linda. She is great at teaching.” Congratulations to Yalnerol & Linda on their sustained progress as a tutoring team, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!