Success Story: Judy & Tenzin

In the September installment of our Tutoring Success Stories (also featured in Midcoast Literacy's e-mail newsletter) we’re highlighting the Read Together pair of Tenzin and his tutor Judy.

Judy and Tenzin Success Story

Judy and Tenzin are a great example of how Midcoast Literacy’s tutoring programs have kept helping new learners during the pandemic. The two of them started working together in October of 2020. At the time, Tenzin was starting 4th grade and struggling with reading and understanding words. Judy committed to meeting him twice a week for the past year, and the two have formed a strong connection. “Tenzin is a quiet boy, so it’s good to work in person with him and build a relationship with him and his family during this pandemic,” said Judy. “Working with Tenzin is a win-win situation for both of us!”

After a year of tutoring—even during a year when Tenzin wasn’t in school full-time because of the pandemic—he’s become more comfortable with reading. “I like reading because I find it easier now,” said Tenzin. “And I like mystery books because they solve the problem at the end.” And Judy can see his gains too: “Tenzin continues to make progress in his reading,” she says. “He now reads for meaning and uses a variety of strategies. His phrasing is improving as well as his vocabulary.” Congratulations to Tenzin and Judy on a successful first year working and learning together, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!