Success Story: Katie & Bernard

Our April Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) celebrates a reading jump forward for Read Together tutor Katie and learner Bernard.

Bernard reading

What is the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? After briefly burying his nose in his current favorite book: Do You Know the Difference: Wild Animals?, our April Success Story, Bernard, can now tell you! Despite the past two years of COVID, remote and hybrid schooling, masks and quarantines, Bernard has become a reader! Meeting twice a week with his Read Together tutor, Katie Clark, has helped, especially since many sessions were held in Katie’s barn with goats. Through steady engagement, Bernard has gone from being able to recognize and write a few letters in the alphabet to now, as a third grader, reading and writing about goats, werewolves, and zombies!

When asked about his tutoring experience, Bernard wrote, “Katie’s been helping me a lot. She is really nice. She even lets me pet her goats. I have been working with her a long time. She is the nicest person ever.” His mother added, “Thanks to Katie and Midcoast Literacy, our son now knows the joy of getting lost in a good book. We credit them with his love of reading.” The bond that develops between tutor and student over many months and even years of working together is a special one, and is only made sweeter when a big jump forward occurs as it did this year for Bernard.

Congratulations to Katie and Bernard on their reading progress this winter and spring, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!