Success Story: Anne & Zeinab

Our summer Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) recognizes Anne & Zeinab, one of the dedicated tutor-learner pairs working together through our Workplace Literacy partnership with L.L. Bean.

Anne and Zeinab square

Zeinab, an immigrant from Somalia, works at the L.L. Bean Fulfillment Center in Freeport. Last fall, she started attending weekly small-group English classes held at the warehouse where she works through Midcoast Literacy’s Workplace Literacy program. The classes were going well, but Zeinab wanted more ways to improve, so she requested a one-on-one tutor and started working with Anne Cauble this past March. The combination of classes and weekly sessions with Anne is already yielding progress towards Zeinab’s goals as an employee. “Zeinab inspires me with her motivation and her good humor,” said Anne. “Working with her one on one I have been able to learn about her religion and culture, her home country, and also the story of how she came to the United States. She has overcome so many difficulties to get here, adjust to our culture and learn the language, and yet she remains positive and hopeful.”

In addition to their one-on-one meetings, Anne has also been sitting-in on the L.L. Bean Workplace Literacy group class that Zeinab attends to make sure their tutoring supports the vocabulary and conversation work in class. “I have the fun of thinking about how to present American idioms, grammar and spelling in a way that is relevant and enjoyable to her,” said Anne. “All in all my time with Zeinab is always one of the highlights of my week.” Their enjoyment of the sessions is mutual, and with Anne’s support, Zeinab’s optimism is surging. “I think my tutor is very important because she is teaching me how to talk, and reading and writing too,” said Zeinab. “I hope I will reach my goal to become a perfect English speaker. I think if I work hard and keep going I can do it.”

Congratulations to Zeinab and Anne on their productive Workplace Literacy partnership, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!