Success Story: Jim & Liam

Our final Success Story of 2022 (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) recognizes the steady progress of Read Together learner Liam and his tutor, Jim Hughes.

Liam and Jim Success Story

Liam, a fifth-grade student from Bath, has been matched with Jim since May of 2022. Liam had two other tutors before Jim and weathered the struggles of tutoring throughout the COVID shutdown. But now that the masks are off, and Jim can schedule sessions around Liam’s sports practices, Liam’s reading skills have begun to steadily improve. After methodically working through many of the level 3 books in Midcoast Literacy’s library, Jim recently decided in his words to “challenge Liam with a slightly more challenging book” and selected one of his very favorites: My Side of the Mountain. It stretched Liam, but “We finished this book and Liam did quite well with it,” reported Jim. Liam added, “I have learned a lot from Jim. I like it when we read, write, and do flashcards. Jim is a nice tutor. I like reading with him.”

Liam’s mother, Monique, is also very appreciative of Read Together. “Midcoast Literacy has been a wonderful program for our family. My son has been in the program for two years and it’s provided him with the extra help he needs. It’s always a positive experience when he meets with his tutor, and it has greatly improved his reading skills. We are very thankful.” As we at Midcoast Literacy know, learning to read can be a very confounding and arduous process. Congratulations to Liam for sticking with the program, for adapting to yet another tutor, and starting each session with a smile on his face. And keep following us for more success stories from our tutors in the New Year!