Success Story: Barbara & Gabriel

Our summer Success Story (also featured in our e-mail newsletter) highlights the Read Together tutoring pair Barbara Combs and learner, Gabriel.

Gabriel Barbara for newsletter smaller

Barbara and Gabriel have been at it a long time. They met once in-person before Covid struck and then moved immediately to Zoom sessions. For three years now, they have continued to meet both in-person or on Zoom as Gabriel progressed from fourth grade to seventh grade. Since March of 2020, Gabriel and Barbara have read 31 books together, and Gabriel has read another 18 on his own (they keep a list of titles)! Although there is a mix of fiction and nonfiction on the list, he prefers nonfiction and has a keen interest in 20th century history. He has also worked hard on developing his writing skills, learning how to write in different genres from historical fiction (WWII of course!) to horror tales to traditional expository and persuasive essays.

Gabriel can attest to the benefits of working with Barbara. “Tutoring has helped with my sentence formatting. At first, I would write mostly run-on sentences. But now, I have stopped doing that. Tutoring has helped with reading. At first, I would read fast out loud, and no one could understand me. But now I know it’s not a race, and I now read slower for the most part.” Gabriel and Barbara’s summer goals are 1) to read three books that are more complex than others he has read in the past and 2) to write a complete short story. We hope they can get all that accomplished by the end of August!

Congratulations to Gabriel and Barbara on three years of good work in Read Together during some very challenging times, and keep following us for more success stories from our tutors throughout the year!