Tutoring for Children

Read Together provides free, one-on-one tutoring for elementary-age children (6-14) who are below grade level in reading. At this time, we are offering this service in the greater Brunswick, Topsham, Bath area. We match children with trained tutors. The tutors meet with the students twice a week for an hour for a minimum of one year. We make sure the children have good, interesting books to read. We also offer support to parents through individual conferences and/or workshops.



Read Together is intended to help those who want extra reading help for their children but cannot afford the typical cost of a private tutor. We serve children with a range of literacy needs and abilities. Our Program Coordinator conducts a preliminary reading assessment with each child and has the parent fill out an application and brief questionnaire about the child. Read Together is supplimental to home and school learning. This means the tutors do not work with students on their specific school assignments or use their school books during sessions.

In preparation to be Read Together tutors, our volunteers participate in a 13.5 hour training. Each tutor then individually tailors the sessions to the needs, abilities, learning style, and personal interests of the student. The sessions are structured yet flexible. The enjoyment of good, intesting books, as well as, skills development of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency are important parts of every Read Together session. We have a well-stocked lending library, literacy games, audio books, and other materials for the tutors and students to use during their sessions and at home. 

Our aim is to help children become better readers and to feel better about reading.

To get help for your child, call 443-6384 or send a message via the Contact Us button. 

To find out more about becoming a Read Together tutor, go to Volunteering in the Main Menu.